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Maintenance & Monitoring Systems for Diesel Fuel Tanks

We have developed a range of smart diesel tank maintenance and
monitoring systems catering for most tank sizes.

We have developed a range of smart diesel tank maintenance and  monitoring systems catering for most tank sizes.

Running a diesel engine with fuel that isn’t clean and contaminant-free can lead to some disastrous consequences, including engine failure.

Here at Clear Fuel Technologies, we have developed a range of diesel tank maintenance and monitoring systems that cater for most tank types and sizes, ranging from 200 litres up to 240,000 litres.

Our diesel maintenance & monitoring systems

The maintenance and monitoring systems that we have developed serves a duel purpose; firstly as a maintenance system that continually maintains the fuel in the tank, and secondly as alert system when there are issues with the fuel.

If the level of the fuel within your diesel tank drops thanks to a leak, or if the fuel becomes tainted with high volumes of contaminant such as water ingress or bacteria, our monitoring system will alarm, thus affording you the opportunity to take proactive remediation steps before it is too late.

Monitoring your diesel fuel tanks

Our diesel fuel tank monitoring systems range from a basic ‘shut and alarm’ system, right through to a fully connected, 4G-linked monitoring and reporting function. These can also include additional monitoring factors such as real-time fuel level monitoring and run time.

Risk Manager & Facilities Managers

Our diesel fuel tank maintenance and monitoring systems have proven invaluable to people holding Facilities Management or Risk Management roles within their organization. The real-time monitoring of the tanks allows for preemptive measures to be taken if fuel quality or supply drops.

This type of proactive behaviour with relation to diesel fuel tanks can prevent costly diesel fuel tank maintenance where issues have been gradually getting worse over time, eroding engine components, and costly downtime when engines fail altogether.

Industries that need diesel fuel monitoring systems

Clear Fuel Technologies has implemented diesel maintenance and monitoring systems across South Australia in critical facilities where fuel risk is simply not an option. This includes hospitals, data centres, and infrastructure where proactive monitoring helps to mitigate the risk of poor fuel quality and ensure peace of mind to asset managers.

Getting a diesel maintenance & monitoring system

The Clear Fuel Technologies fuel sampling process utilizes recognised, accredited equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with all legislated safety requirements pertaining to in-situ fuel sampling.

Having worked across many high-security and highly regulated industries, you can rest assured that our fuel sampling procedures are also suitable for any of your site-specific safety and authorization requirements.

If your fuel samples produce results that are of concern, Clear Fuel Technologies can also assist with our mobile fuel tank cleaning and fuel remediation services.

Getting a diesel maintenance & monitoring system

If you would like to implement a maintenance and monitoring system for your diesel fuel tank, you can get in contact with our highly experienced team via our contact form

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