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Diesel Fuel Sampling & Independent Analysis

Contaminated diesel fuel is one of the leading causes of engine failure, and can result in downtime and expensive repair costs.

The process of accurate diesel fuel sampling allows you to determine both your fuel quality and your risk status. Gaining knowledge of your diesel fuel quality ahead of time provides substantive information that enables you to act and institute preventative measures to help you avoid costly and premature engine failure.

Sampling your diesel fuel

To analyse fuel from your tank, we draw samples using recognised diesel fuel tank sampling equipment that is appropriate to your tank type and your tank volume. Our specialized equipment will not generate more than – 5 HG vacuum pressure within your tank.

We take our fuel samples from the ‘red zone’, which is at the bottom of your diesel tank as close as possible to the tank’s dispensing port. The area from which we take the sample is crucial because most contaminant will settle in the bottom 30% of the tank, and this is where the fuel is drawn from when the diesel engine is in use.

Once drawn, the diesel fuel sample is deposited directly into compatible, tamper-proof containers of no less than 250ml or 1000ml, dependent on the laboratory analysis and parameters required.

Diesel fuel sampling results

Once your fuel has been sampled, it is independently analysed, and a comprehensive report is prepared. This process can take 2-5 days, depending on the test parameters.

Our sampling results will look at many diesel fuel indicators such as:

  • Oxidative stability
  • Cetane rating
  • Water and sediment content
  • Sulfur content

The diesel fuel analysis reports that we provide are geared to highlight the risk provided with each sample.

These can be supplied from numerous, accredited independent labs for additional parameters or validation if required.

How often should diesel fuel tanks be sampled and analysed?

A regular sampling and analysis regimen will provide a good history of fuel quality, meaning that we can track down any problems to the source before – and even after – it may happen.

We recommend that regular sampling and analysis is undertaken every 6 months for all bulk or supply diesel tanks, so as to ensure that your tank and the fuel within it are maintaining integrity and that they will operate both safely and efficiently.

The Clear Fuel Technologies process

The Clear Fuel Technologies fuel sampling process utilizes recognised, accredited equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with all legislated safety requirements pertaining to in-situ fuel sampling.

Having worked across many high-security and highly regulated industries, you can rest assured that our fuel sampling procedures are also suitable for any of your site-specific safety and authorization requirements.

If your fuel samples produce results that are of concern, Clear Fuel Technologies can also assist with our mobile fuel tank cleaning and fuel remediation services.

Big or small – we’ve sampled them all

Over the years we have sampled diesel fuel from tanks of all shapes and sizes. From marine tanks on boats that are 200 litres, to 240,000 litre tanks for utilities providers, and many varied industries including:
  • Agriculture
  • Defence
  • Facilities Management
  • Food
  • Government
  • Health & Medical Facilities
  • Infrastructure & Essential Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Power Generation
  • Rail Operators
  • Shopping Centres
  • Transport
  • Utilities
    And many more.

Need a diesel fuel sample analysis?

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