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Loram is a premium railway maintenance services and manufacturing company, and Clear Fuel Technologies has proudly worked with them on things relating to the fuel for their rigs since 2018.

Loram provide specialised maintenance services to reprofile train tracks around Australia utilising their rigs, and this is commonly referred to as ‘rail grinding’. The rigs that we work on for them are highly specialised and expensive, so diesel fuel-related in the field failure can be a costly exercise.


Loram recently engaged Clear Fuel Technologies to assist with their latest project, which involved decommissioning part of the rigs and moving the fuel.
We needed to drain 5 service tanks on the rigs that held an estimated 14,000 litres of diesel fuel, and then transfer that fuel to 2 existing bulk storage tanks.


After draining the 5 tanks of fuel and moving that fuel to the larger bulk tanks, we used our patented fuel remediation and scavenging technology to not only clean the tanks, but also to perform a comprehensive remediation of the fuel that was inside.


Our specialised tank cleaning technology works to minimize diesel fuel wastage, and we are happy to report that instead of this fuel needing to be dumped and the resultant negative impacts on our environment, we have seen a net result of approximately 18,000 litres of diesel fuel restored, and now fit for use.

This has also saved Loram significant costs in not needing to dispose of the fuel, and also not needing to invest in replacement fuel.

We are proud to say that our company’s commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and minimising waste by recycling is something many of our wonderful customers also support.


“A number of years ago we had issues with our fuel, and we got in contact with Clear Fuel Technologies.

When we started working with Ron, he took the time to show us what he could do, and we were really interested to see the condition of our fuel before and after it had been remediated by the Clear Fuel Technologies team.

It has definitely saved our engines from failures and avoidable breakdowns. The team know what they’re doing, they’re easy to deal with and they work safely.

We’re really happy with their work and will continue to work with them for years to come.”

David Randell, Assistant Manager Rail Grinding, Loram Pty Ltd

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