The Choice is Clear! Your engine will definitely know the difference.
Today’s modern engines demand contaminant-free fuel to perform as their manufacturer intended them to. Anything less is guaranteed to result in costly premature failure, increased consumption, and higher emissions.
now is not the time to attend to generator fuel risk
When the lights go out it’s too late to attend to fuel-related engine failures.
Know your fuel status, know your risk
Appropriate fuel sampling and analysis procedures allow you to accurately and definitively determine your fuel quality and risk status.
Big or Small we service them all
Analyse – Clean – Maintain. Your one stop fuel monitoring and maintenance service provider.

Our ServiCES

Fuel Sampling & Independent Analysis

Fuel sampling allows you to determine your fuel quality and risk status. Clear Fuel Technologies fuel sampling procedure utilises recognised accredited equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with all legislated safety requirements pertaining to in-situ sampling and client’s site-specific requirements pertaining to safety and authorisation. Correct and accurate fuel sampling = actual fuel status. Knowing the quality of your diesel fuel ahead of time will enable you to take action and institute preventative action to avoid costly and premature engine failure. Providing a history of fuel quality through fuel analysis will help track down a problem to the source before and even after it happens.


In the past tank cleaning was a generally neglected maintenance item which was only attended to in extreme circumstances due to the cost, waste factor and downtime that accompanied this procedure, however this is now a cost effective simple procedure without any of the negatives that the existing procedures involved such as decommissioning tanks and disposing of vast quantities of fuel. Our patented fuel remediation and scavenging technology incorporated on all our systems allows us to generate the least amount of diesel fuel waste (less than 1% of TC tank capacity excluding water and debris).

This is substantially less than other conventional filtration systems provide (some in the market have proven to generate up to 50%) apart from the substantial savings on disposal and fuel replacement costs. This effectively makes our service more cost effective than other processes. The additional environmental impact in the reduction in waste generation is considerable. We service plant & machinery tanks, truck tanks, generator tanks and bulk storage tanks above or below ground. We service tanks from fifty litres to one million litres.


Clear Fuel Technologies have developed a range of tank maintenance and monitoring systems catering for most tank sizes and types from 200l -240000l.These systems serve a dual purpose, as a maintenance system that continually maintains fuel  quality of the fuel in the tank, secondly and as importantly in the event of a leak or a fuel drop/supply is contaminated with high volumes of contaminant (a more frequent scenario that one would believe), the system will alarm and alert you to this, thus affording you the opportunity of taking proactive remediation steps.

We offer a range of systems from basic S&A (shut and alarm) systems to fully connected 4G linked monitoring and reporting functions, which can include additional items such as real time fuel level monitoring and run time.


We have built a proud proven track record in all sectors of the diesel powered environment together with acceptance by numerous leading automotive manufacturers.We can provide positive testimony and proven results on the products and services that we supply. Clear Fuel Technologies is committed to growing our proud customer base.


We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities upon the environment and accept responsibility for the potentially harmful impact that our operations can have on the environment.

We’re also dedicated to reducing these effects and encourage our clients and suppliers to join in on our environmental protection efforts by having environmental policies and management practices in place, as well as communicating the importance of encouraging environmental stewardship within its spheres of influence.

We are committed to expanding the conservation of energy, improving energy efficiency, using market-based products and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, these being key elements for improving air quality, protecting the environment, the climate and conserving energy needs and resources. We use resources and utilise specialist technology in all our processes and systems which have been certified by the United States Green Clean Institute, whose benefits are earth friendly, human-safe and energy saving to the end user.

Key points to achieving our environmental Policy

1. Minimise waste by continually evaluating its operations and ensuring they are as efficient and environmentally sensitive as possible.

2. Actively promote minimising waste by recycling where possible, both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.

3. Comply with and or exceed environmental legislation that relates to our operations.

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